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To early to tell

I don't think NMN & NAD work overnight, realisticly. I'd like several months, before giving an honest review.

Perfect ingredients

I have been using anti aging supplements for almost 20 years , not realy for anti aging skin wise but vital organs . I understand from experience that alot of products are fake and does not reflect what is written on the label but your products are astonishing well prepared and have excellent combination with real well being feeling. Thanks for thinking out of the box in a way that you came up with such products.

Energy Booster

It is simply unbelievable how good you feel after just taking two capsules, even after a single dose. My energy level was boosted by this supplement, and I felt the effect right away.
I gave the product to my friends and family members and all of them were amazed at the results and felt the same way as I did.
Also, when I was sick, I increased my dose to two tablets in the morning, and two in the evening, and my condition quickly improved , and I found myself feeling less fatigued as well.

NMN powder

I simply feel more „awake“ and the usual fatigue is gone. I feel fitter And healthier.

Baby skin effect

Beauty game changer ! I love skincare products and I taste a lot of them and this cosmetic is revolutionary! My skin after only first use appeared smoother and glow like a baby skin ! I would definitely recommend to everyone who is investing in efficient cosmetics.

Simply amazing

This is one of the best products I’ve ever used for my face…even after 3 days you can notice the difference in the smoothness & dewy effect…I can only imagine the results after continuous use & how it’ll plump up the skin with the high concentration of hyaluronic acid

Feel Great

I recently received FEEL Great Energise 1 and find that it keeps me energised throughtout the day. Love it!

Life Saver!

I can't believe how effective and powerful these products are. Endurance, quality of sleep and cognitive abilities are much improved. And after two years of taking NAD and NMN I am still reaping the benefits. 50% less gray hair, more muscle mass, and my skin looks 10 years younger. Try it and stay faithful. I am a Certified Nurse Herbalist who practices Integrative Medicine. This is by far the best supplements I've used in my 25 years of practice. I was not paid for this review; I simply love sharing an exceptional product with the public and wanted to share. These products are life changing.

Wakefulness and Energy

I have been taking this amazing product for about three years and can say with absolute confidence that it raises both my mental and physical energy levels and produces a pleasing feeling of wellness. Yet it does not feel like a stimulant and does not affect my sleep or level of relaxation.

FEEL ALIVE - NMN-XR 1000mg NMN + 1000mg Resveratrol Vit A Retinol B7 Biotin B9 Folate B12 Selenium Iodine >99.9% Purity Increase Energy Hair Colour & Thickness
Elisabeta Craciun
Feel Amazing 🤩

I absolutely love the NMN-XR.
I feel more alert and I have better energy and stamina all day.
I feel stronger and I have more energy for my workouts!

Amazing results 👍

I’ve been taking nmn Bio tech life science nmn 750mg a day for the last 3 months, obviously sleep better and my skin glow. I don’t feel tired after running at all which I had a bit of stiff and achy joints in the past. I will continue to take nmn because it improves my life quality so much. Highly recommend 👍

Thera Dermis Night: As Effin Fabulous as the day One

I mean, obviously, this product is FANTASTIC. It does have a peculiar smell, but I cannot really notice it over the pungent smell of my vanity, hahaha!
I like to apply Thera Night with rose water (I also do it with Thera day) and make sure it is completely absorbed by my skin. I notice discolorations disappearing, slowing the appearance of fine lines, and my skin looks healthy, glowy, and youthful. Make sure is kept in a dry place because the formula grabs moisture from the air and it will clump (I believe it does not impact the effectiveness of product though).

Thera Dermis: Effin Fantastic Product

Seriously, GTFO! my skin is G L O W I N G after applying this powder. Discolorations are disappearing, the texture and firmness of my skin are improving and it is definitely slowing the aging process in my face. Make sure to apply as directed until it is completely absorbed by your skin. Also, make sure it is kept in a place as dry as possible. The formula loves grabbing moisture from the air and it will clump. I think it is still effective that way, but a serum formula would be great if possible.

My favourite NMN+Resveratrol Formula

I've tried a lot of Biotech Life Sciences products and this one is my absolute favourite. Not only do I feel more energetic and productive throughout the day, but I have been able to regulate my circadian rhythm again with the seasons. I no longer suffer from insomnia. I perform physical activity much better and I am alert, focused, and "THERE" if you know what I mean. I like to combine NMN-XR with the sublingual pure NMN.
I trust BT Life Sciences GMPs. I know that I am getting high-quality molecules.

Amazing product

I find this nmn product the best one out there. I have tried several. This one may cost a little bit more but it is well worth every penny. There customer service is great too. Give it a try for a month or two, I think you will get addicted.

Great for long term longevity

Based on the scientific data I have started to take NMN.

After 1 month I do feel more energetic and have had the starting symptoms of a cold
but recovered before it’s become a full on cold
where as my husband has gone through all the stages of a full on cold which has lasted over 2 weeks.

Not sure if it’s related to me taking the NMN but definitely feeling stronger and alive!

NMN-XR Review

As an athlete and older individual this product is helping me to have better endurance with tougher workouts along with incredible muscle recovery.
Energy throughout the day with deep sleep.

My skin illuminates

I have been using TheraDermis NMN DAY for 5 weeks now and I've noticed very positive changes to my skin appearance and wrinkles reduction. My age is slightly above 50 and I look and feel younger. Nothing can bit a nice compliment from my sister-in-law who said that skin on my forehead looks like it has been ironed: smooth and illuminating . She is extremely fussy when it comes to beauty products but seeing my great results with TheraDermis NMN DAY - she is going to get this wonderful product herself. I highly recommend it!


I love this product. It totally cleanses and refreshes my skin.

Wow! Game changer

I had been suffering from fatigue and tiredness for a while, until my friend recommended me to try Energise X.

I tried going doctors for bloods incase I am lacking in certain vitamins, they said all good. So I thought I’d try these, and honestly
they have changed the way I feel completely!

More energy, more alert, just feeling better all round!

I had great advice from the company, so I teamed energise X with energise 1.

Feel amazing. I look in the mirror and can tell the difference!

Thank you biotech 🙏🏼


Since using this I am back into my fitness routine, Energise X really has helped me through my menopause, I have more energy and mental clarity. I wanted a product that supports my health now and in the future. Thanks you BioTech.

Energise 1 makes a big difference

I have to say that Energise 1 really helped me, I've been taking it for awhile and I have more energy and mental clarity. It helped me a lot also now with the Menopause, pre and post. it makes my life so much easier.
Thank you guys!