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As well as the longevity benefits this formula really does give you a kick & keeps me focussed for hours!

So far so Good

I have noticed the energy.


I am now more up and about than before and I am positive that all this is due to this superb supplement. It is very good and effective. Thank you.

What a great product.

I have never really worn a a face prooduct before, so was a bit sceptical. However, now I've seen the results from the Intense Face & Skin Rejuvenation. I intend to continue to use the product.


Toujours conquise par tous vos produits et celui-ci en particulier . Petit bémol, les taxes à payer qui augmentent la note...

Bouncing back

Had another cold, waited till it had passed before giving this a run. Two caps, 3 mile run - energy still flowing after as well as metabolism buzzing with heat. Managed 30% more productivity & no early crash. Felt great the next day too. Pretty damn impressive?

High Quality/Purity and Effective

I placed my initial order of NAD+ powder several months ago. I simply wanted a small boost between my NAD+ IV infusions. I have been taking intravenous infusions for nearly 2 years. Though the infusions are highly effective, they are also very costly and time consuming. My hope was that the BioTech Life Sciences product, NAD+ in powder form, could supplement the infusions or that I could decrease them a bit. Never, Ever, did I imagine the effectiveness so great that I could replace the infusions all together! Sure the company mentioned this on their site but those of us in the medical field know that when speaking of delivery and absorption, there is no rival for straight delivery through the vein. That is, until I tried this companies product. I cant say enough about these sublingual powders, its fast absorption, and effectiveness. I am so very happy to have found them. I am now experimenting with their other products and documenting my progress. Their customer service is impeccable. Highly educated on their products, they can answer any questions you might have. And lastly, I want to add that I have not been paid or profited in any way for this review. I take the health of others and myself too seriously to allow monetary bias to form my opinions.

Exceptional product

I have found a product that lives up to my expectations which is super excellent with increased energy my mood is good, immune system is superb and have never been feeling better than I do now having tried lots of different products in the past nothing compares to this company for quality and service
Would recommend to my family and friends


Totalement satisfaite par ces produits ,bien que n'étant pas scientifique , je sais pour avoir lu de nombreuses revues , à quel points les niveaux de Nadh+ ou NMN sont importants pour le bon fonctionnement de l'organisme dans son ensemble. Je dois ajouter que votre marque est plus que fiable .Tous les produits testés s'avèrent excellents.

Healthy Longevity

I love this product. I have done my research and believe it is one of the best on the market. If your goal is to have the energy to live your life to the fullest and give yourself the proper supplements to slow or stop aging this is for you!
Natalie - Healthy Longevity Coach

Energise - Gift Sets
Happy Customer
Superb boost in energy & motivation and clearer headed

definitely helped, especially the Energise-X


Je suis totalement addict de ces deux produits Anti-aging de Biotech life sciences ! Super efficace pour une bonne santé générale, un bon tonus et un épiderme rajeuni...

Waking up

It’s very reassuring waking up in the morning and feeling fresh and energetic. It’s been a long time since I have felt so strong and lively. May The Lord bless the good work you are doing for the benefit of all human beings. Thank you!

3 monte Anti-Aging face lift treatment NMN.

Je trouve le produit tout simplement fabuleux ! A nul autre pareil ! Les résultats sont là et ils sont bluffant. Mon épiderme est lisse clair et il irradie littéralement ! Plus que satisfaite , je recommande ce traitement à tous et toutes.
De toute façon je suis fan de tous les produits Biotech life sciences.

Best ever!!

Started to take it as instructed religiously but only twice a day morning and midday. After 10 days, I turned from a lethargic someone into a energized bunny rocket ship. Don’t even need coffee any more / this is just amazing and I know there is more to come !

Over 80 and need energy

My Daughter is a Longevity coach and found this company in her product research and recommended them for me. I already see a difference, especially with my "afternoon slump".

Great Stamina

I enjoy exercising in a social environment like Fitness Centers. Due to the Pandemic I could not do that for almost a year. Just started a week ago and was amazed that I had not lost much of my stamina and physics. I am certain that a big part of this is my daily intake of NMN from BioTech Life Science. Amazing supplements to my nutrition.

TheraDermis NAD+ Skin Face Lift Treatment - Natural and Non-Toxic
Natalie Reeves Lopez
Only 14 days and the difference is noticeable!!!!

I have started with the Night first for 30 days then will add the day. My skin looks amazing! I think it does help that I also use some of their other products for “beauty from the inside out” like NMN and NAD. The only think better than the quality of this company’s products is the excellent customer service!

TheraDermis NAD+ Skin Face Lift Treatment - Natural and Non-Toxic
Great product - highly recommend!

Really love all the face products and supplements. Amazing customer service and personal attention. I use this mask few times a day and alternate it with the night mask and started seeing some good results after 2 weeks! Highly recommend.

Good quality product, fast delivery and Great customer service

These guys are on the leading side of this industry. I’ve tried several forms of NAD+ and NMN from nasal spray to IV. Under the tongue, is by far the easiest, most convenient and least crappy way to get this stuff in my body. So, living in Canada, I order it from England.
As far as benefit; I’ve been taking half a gram, most days for about a year. If my day is going to be challenging, I definitely take a dose. I find I am able to think clearer, and have more physical and emotional reserve. I notice a benefit on days I have some and also a slow overall benefit over time. I will continue for the long haul. Thanks guys.

My skin is transformed!

I’m always looking for facial products that will actually show me results. Until I tried this Anti-aging non-surgical face lift NMN product, I had never really found solid results outside of Botox. But, this product has totally transformed my skin! It’s a miracle product. NMN is something our bodies make naturally. We have tons of it when we are young, so as we age our bodies make less NMN - hence aging. By supplementing NMN + all the other natural ingredients in this treatment you are literally boosting & repairing on a cellular level. My complexion is even, glowing & so SMOOTH. The fine lines around my eyes seemed to fill in or “plump” up so I look less dry & sallow. I look younger- no joke my skin has actually renewed itself. And, my pores are smaller. I have to search in a magnifying mirror for blemishes - so I touch & prod my face much less. I feel like I lost a few years...more than a few! My friends & family have all mentioned how amazing my skin looks & the compliments keep coming as I continue to use my NMN mask every day. It’s a powder that you mix with a little water & then rub into wet face & neck skin. Let it dry then add moisturizer. It might sound time consuming but it’s not & even if it was it would worth the time for the results. I wear it during the day and add SPF 70...I like the dewey base it gives my skin. You can add make-up but I generally just use the NMN, then SPF...and I’m out the door. I highly recommend this product and the ENERGIZE 1 product too. I take the ENERGIZE daily & it’s helped with my energy, immune system, so I feel less tired & sleep way better too. All the vitamins help boost my cells from the inside out, so I feel it goes perfectly well with the NMN mask. One topical & one internal. I also love that Drs. And scientists have formulated these products. There are so many benefits to be gained when we use formulas that actually help repair cells from the inside out. I love the taste & am thrilled the products are vegan. Gorgeous packaging too so this is the perfect present. Order and get ready for a skin transformation.

TheraDermis® special NMN Face & Skin Rejuvenation
Edwige K.
Mon opinion au sujet du thrradermis.

J'ai beaucoup apprécié le traitement de nuit qui rend la peau ferme et lumineuse, un peu moins le traitement de jour... petit bémol, effectivement il y a une confusion ennuyeuse entre les renseignements et indications suivant qu'on lise les instructions sur le pot ou sur le papier...

Great anti ageing product

This powder turns into a serum-like texture /paste when mixed with a little bit of water. It can then be massaged into the skin . I have so far used this product as a face mask with great results. The products aim is to increase the skin cell turnover -I have used it for a few weeks so far and my skin has started to look more radiant and plump and my lines are less visible .


Thank You so much for such an incredible product! Different experience and love it. Thank you