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NMN-XR Review

As an athlete and older individual this product is helping me to have better endurance with tougher workouts along with incredible muscle recover. Energy throughout the day with deep sleep.

My skin illuminates

I have been using TheraDermis NMN DAY for 5 weeks now and I've noticed very positive changes to my skin appearance and wrinkles reduction. My age is slightly above 50 and I look and feel younger. Nothing can bit a nice compliment from my sister-in-law who said that skin on my forehead looks like it has been ironed: smooth and illuminating . She is extremely fussy when it comes to beauty products but seeing my great results with TheraDermis NMN DAY - she is going to get this wonderful product herself. I highly recommend it!


I love this product. It totally cleanses and refreshes my skin.

Wow! Game changer

I had been suffering from fatigue and tiredness for a while, until my friend recommended me to try energise X. I tried going doctors for bloods incase I am lacking in certain vitamins, they said all good. So I thought I’d try these, and honestly they have changed the way I feel completely! More energy, more alert, just feeling better all round! I had great advice from the company, so I teamed energise X with energise 1. Feel amazing. I look in the mirror and can tell the difference! Thank you biotech 🙏🏼


Since using this I am back into my fitness routine, Energise X really has helped me through my menopause, I have more energy and mental clarity. I wanted a product that supports my health now and in the future. Thanks you BioTech.

Energise 1 makes a big difference

I have to say that Energise 1 really helped me, I've been taking it for awhile and I have more energy and mental clarity. It helped me a lot also now with the Menopause, pre and post. it makes my life so much easier.
Thank you guys!

More energy

Have been taking for about about 4 weeks, definitely more energy.

Excellent product

This has greatly improved on how I feel regularly

Astonishing Results!!!!

It took me 6 months to order this product because I thought it was a little bit expensive, but I am so glad I made this investment.
I have been using the NMN Night for about 2 months. I saw a big difference from the very first treatment and continue to see improvements with every treatment Everywhere I go people comment on how amazing my skin looks. My friends and family are convinced I have undergone a cosmetic procedure because the results are so drastic. I have just received the NMN day treatment which I have yet to use but if it's as good as the night treatment, I will be elated. I really really highly recommend you try this product and see the results for yourself!

Wonderful product

Best products very safe and efficient

NMN & NAD+ Sublingual Powder

So far so good. I have tried different NMN products and I like this one the best so far. I am not a chemist but the pressed tablets just don't make me feel like I'm getting as good a quality or absorption.


Is the best product I tried, I feel better and it is working on what it has to. Since the first day I feel pretty good and, on my medical test we could see the difference. I recommend all the products from BioTech.

Amazing product.

I’ve been using this product every night for ten nights now and I actually look forward to getting up in the morning to see how good my skin looks. I’m re-ordering this product. It’s fab.


I look better after the first application and felt grateful for this wonderful product. All the products from BioTech are amazing an goes deeper into celular level.

Great products, great experience

I purchased the NMN-XR which I received promptly. Nicely packaged and presented - only time will tell re the benefits of NMN but so far so good - focus and energy levels have improved. Would recommend.

Energise X

I just 1/3 or scoop first day I feel have a lot energy, not feel tired not feel bored, I was house cleaned all day not feel tired. Very good product!


As well as the longevity benefits this formula really does give you a kick & keeps me focussed for hours!


I am now more up and about than before and I am positive that all this is due to this superb supplement. It is very good and effective. Thank you.

What a great product.

I have never really worn a a face prooduct before, so was a bit sceptical. However, now I've seen the results from the Intense Face & Skin Rejuvenation. I intend to continue to use the product.


Toujours conquise par tous vos produits et celui-ci en particulier . Petit bémol, les taxes à payer qui augmentent la note...

Bouncing back

Had another cold, waited till it had passed before giving this a run. Two caps, 3 mile run - energy still flowing after as well as metabolism buzzing with heat. Managed 30% more productivity & no early crash. Felt great the next day too. Pretty damn impressive?

High Quality/Purity and Effective

I placed my initial order of NAD+ powder several months ago. I simply wanted a small boost between my NAD+ IV infusions. I have been taking intravenous infusions for nearly 2 years. Though the infusions are highly effective, they are also very costly and time consuming. My hope was that the BioTech Life Sciences product, NAD+ in powder form, could supplement the infusions or that I could decrease them a bit. Never, Ever, did I imagine the effectiveness so great that I could replace the infusions all together! Sure the company mentioned this on their site but those of us in the medical field know that when speaking of delivery and absorption, there is no rival for straight delivery through the vein. That is, until I tried this companies product. I cant say enough about these sublingual powders, its fast absorption, and effectiveness. I am so very happy to have found them. I am now experimenting with their other products and documenting my progress. Their customer service is impeccable. Highly educated on their products, they can answer any questions you might have. And lastly, I want to add that I have not been paid or profited in any way for this review. I take the health of others and myself too seriously to allow monetary bias to form my opinions.