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High Quality Product

Energize X is top notch. Well priced for what your getting. very effective. My only regret is not finding it sooner!

Very good product. Since starting using it has become a daily habit

Great product

The NMN XR tablets make me feel 20 years younger. Highly recommend.

Energise 1

I have been suffering from symptoms of menopause such hot flush, mood changes, tiredness, sleeping problems. I feel great since I started to take Energise 1 NMN. All symptoms that I am currently experiencing got a lot better improving. Also, I feel more energy than before. I'm looking forward to more surprises.


I came back to this Company after trying another's NMN from which I felt no improvement. During the last month of taking NMN with Energise X I have definitely had more energy and not as much tiredness as previously.
The additional ingredients in this product verses other companies I feel may have benefited me too.
I recommend this product. Good delivery too.

NMN/Resveratrol supplement

I have been taking 500mg of this product with a (good) fatty breakfast, mid morning time, for the past 1 1/2 months. I don’t have any health conditions, train daily (stability,cardio,weights) and at 52yrs take it to help increase my levels as I age...thankyou BLS

Gives you a great youthful glow !

Everytime I use this product I wake up with such a fantastic glow to my skin . I use it in the evening as my skin is quite oily and my skin is really starting to look noticeably firmer and more radiant. I really look forward to using it and it feels like a lovely beauty ritual .

Energise 4 morning

In my seventies now and find myself more focused and flowing nicely with
energy able to exercise and do my ten thousand steps daily so happy with this product would recommend to family and friends

Very happy with product and service

I like this product very much. Gives me increased “clean” energy unlike jittery, caffeinated energy drinks. Seems to improve focus as well. Also excellent service. I emailed several times with questions and each time received a prompt, clear reply from the owner himself! Only thing I would suggest is not taking it before bed. Even though this product contains no caffeine I did have difficulty sleeping. I’ve always been a poor sleeper so it may not affect everyone as it did me. This could also be proof of efficacy.

Great product and service

Great quality product and excellent responsive customer service!

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Kim R

I highly recommend this effective product!

At a certain age, I needed to research rejuvenation and longevity and came to read Prof Sinclair from Harvard. Examination of products led me to Biotech.

For two years, I have taken MNM and regularly other boosters. I have found what I need and am very happy with Biotech's products and services it. A pleasure to write it. J.G. Belgium

An Excellent Supplement

This is a great supplement, noticed a positive difference in my energy within a couple of days. I really appreciate the high quality ingredients and its an easy size pill to take. Will definitely use this brand again, I highly recommend them.

NMN &NAD Sublingual powder

This is the best NAD I have ever bought no other one that I have tried comes up to this standard would recommend to family and friends.

Energy levels

I was recommended Energise-X over 2 years ago and started to use it regularly, I am still using it and it has become part of my daily routine. I noticed the positive effects on my energy levels within a few weeks and this is why it was essential to me to keep using it. I also use NMN and can clearly see how healthy my skin looks. Great products.

What we all need, whatever age...

I have been using Energise X and NAD & NMN for a long time now. These products are like no other I have ever used, you don't wait to see the difference, it is quite obvious. My energy levels, skin, hair feel like they are being looked after and this gives me confidence in knowing that my longterm health and wellbeing is under control, with incredible results. Golddust.

Amazing supplement!

Since I started taking it I feel much more energetic. Also my immune system is stronger! I’ll definitely keep taking this supplement.

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Ingrid Roberts
Energise-X Women really gives me more energy!

I have been taking Energise-X for a month now and definitely can see the difference in my energy level, I am less tired, my nails are stronger and hair healthier! It's full of essential vitamins and minerals, I can only highly recommend it to women of all ages, but especially mature ladies like myself :).

Rapid Face & Skin Rejuvenation DAY - Reduce Lines & Wrinkles, Increase Collagen Production, Minimise Pores TheraDermis NMN

NMN & NAD+ Sublingual Powder - Pharmaceutical Purity >99.5% Supplements

To early to tell

I don't think NMN & NAD work overnight, realisticly. I'd like several months, before giving an honest review.

Perfect ingredients

I have been using anti aging supplements for almost 20 years , not realy for anti aging skin wise but vital organs . I understand from experience that alot of products are fake and does not reflect what is written on the label but your products are astonishing well prepared and have excellent combination with real well being feeling. Thanks for thinking out of the box in a way that you came up with such products.