Who We Are?

BioTech Life Sciences is an elite biotech company based in London, England with an International team that operates under strict, professional standards held by multiple authorities and governmental agencies across the world.

Our main aim when delivering anti-ageing supplements & vitamins is to provide our clients the highest purity and safest product we can offer.

We work with highly qualified researchers & scientists to bring you the most effective & secure in latest scientific breakthroughs.

Many of our supplements have been scientifically proven, 100% naturally derived and produced for optimal longevity.


What’s Our Mission?

After seeing so many companies in the supplement and vitamin industry ripping off people with products that had ingredients which weren’t proven or effective and had excessive profit margins.

Instead, we wanted to offer people supplements which are backed by concrete scientific research and at a price that allowed us to offer a high-quality product first and worry about our own profit margins later.

In the same token, we refuse to lower prices to some of our other competitors who offer below-grade supplements to compete with them.

When we first created our NMN supplement, we noticed nearly every other business selling NMN were offering below-standard quality that had low-bioavailability and priced excessively.

To put it simply: we just want to provide the highest-quality and safest supplements possible.


Unlike our competitors, we didn’t rely on huge marketing budgets to falsely advertise people. Rather, we focused on creating the very best product we could and let the results from our customers be our marketing.


Amazon Reviews:

You can find many of the products in our range on trusted websites such as Amazon and read our 5* reviews such as:

“I bought the product out of curiosity after extensive research on the NMN benefits . The product quality was top class with easy to follow instructions and excellent packaging.

I have started seeing difference on my energy levels after a few days (used together with NAD) and i will attribute a big percentage of my improvement down to the quality and purity of the product.

I will buy again!”  


“There is a lot of information about NMN and NAD+ in the package which I did not know.

After 2 weeks I feel better already. I am 60, had Lyme 2 years ago - which took all energy. Now it is easier to get up and go in the mornings, more energy after work.

I feel my exercises are getting easier and increase resistance faster than expected.

One little spoon full of MNM and NAD+ before breakfast.” – Kay Torkelund


“Amazing difference in energy after 3 months. Really worth the money in my opinion.” Caroleen