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Best NAD+ and NMN Supplements: 2021 Review

Find Out Which Are The Best NAD+ Supplements and Their Advantages & Disadvantages.

There are a number of companies who are selling NAD+ & NMN online now - including us.

We wanted to give our customers the best choice and give our view on the other supplement brands out there who we think offer a good NAD+ & NMN supplements.

We will not include those NAD+ or NMN supplements that we believe to be of poor quality as it is not for our place to say, but what we will do instead, is give you the supplements - in our opinion - that would be safe for people like yourself to try.

As you will spot in our list, there is a NAD precursor called NR included as we didn't want to be completely biased towards just NAD+ & NMN supplements - many people do take NR as they feel the best benefits from this supplement compared to NAD precursors such as NMN.

Let’s review them one-by-one…

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Quicksilver has always produced high-quality products and they’ve left no stone unturned with their NAD+ liposomal.

Liposomal has risen in popularity in recent years and more vitamins + supplements such as liposomal Vitamin C and liposomal glutathione are proving to be a hit with customers.

Like ourselves, the team at Quicksilver, do not offer NAD+ in capsule or pill form because the bioavailability is significantly decreased.

Their NAD+ liposomal is not actually NAD+, but NMN.

NMN is a precursor of NAD+ and for those of you who are looking for a pure NAD+ supplement, this would certainly increase levels of NAD+ in your body, but it may not meet your requirements for a pure NAD+ supplement.

Each serving of their liposomal NAD+ offers 50mg which is quite below the recommended daily amount suggested by David Sinclair in his book, Lifespan.

This may be a good option for those who are looking to try NMN on a really small dose before moving on the bigger doses as this could work out quite costly using Quicksilver's Liposomal NAD+ for those looking for a higher dosage.



Double Woods offers a capsule form of NMN and we had to include this as it is a popular form of NMN on Amazon with some great reviews.

Their NMN supplement is competitively priced and we could definitely see the reason why people are buying it on Amazon.

The dosage for their NMN is 2 capsules which provides 250mg of NMN with a 30 day supply.

Other ingredients included in their supplement is gelatine and rice flour which may put some people off who are looking for pure NMN.

The same with Quicksilver Scientific, their serving size of NMN is ¼ of what David Sinclair suggests so people looking for higher doses of NMN to boost their NAD+ levels may find that they run out quite quickly.

Double Woods are legit provider of NMN and have the recommended testing so you are in safe hands.



TruNiagen is leading the way and is by far the biggest players in the NAD+ & NMN related supplement arena.

You will often see these guys at the top anytime you search for NAD+ or NMN in Amazon.

Despite many people believing TruNiagen is a purely NAD+ or NMN supplement, their supplement actually includes Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride.

They DON’T actually include NAD+ or NMN in any of their supplements at the time of writing.

However, there have been studies to show that NR (which is what their supplement is) does increase the levels of NAD+ in their bodies and the reviews show a percentage of people experiencing slightly lesser positive benefits than people taking NAD+ or NMN.

NR is significantly cheaper to manufacture which is why their supplement is competitively priced and they have invested significantly into building their brand.

People who are looking for a cheaper priced supplement that can help with increasing NAD+ levels in the body should look at TruNiagen.

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The team at Alive By Nature really are at the elite end when we’re talking about NAD+ or NMN supplements.

The research they provide on their site is the latest and most up-to-date and this is a clear sign that this is a company who wants to offer quality first - like us here at BioTech Life Sciences.

They offer both sublingual tablets and powder so you can test with both.

1 serving size provides 150mg of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

Like Double Woods and Quicksilver Scientific, they have a much smaller dosage than what Sinclair suggests, but Alive By Nature does offer more servings than the other two.

The total serving size of each powder tub is 96 servings so you can increase your dosage without worrying too much about running out.



Nutriop is a new NMN supplier to the market and they caught our attention just a few weeks back.

Upon checking their website, we liked the look of their NMN and thought the pricing was reasonable for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide.

They offer a 15 grams tub for £69.00 and this is reasonably priced in today's current market.

We also noticed they offer a sublingual powder instead of the typical capsule form NMN supplements that have begun to swamp the market - sublingual is superior and always will be compared to capsule or pill for nicotinamide mononucleotide.

One thing we noticed also is that they have 3rd party testing for their NMN which we saw on their Amazon product listing.



We decided to put us at the end so you could read about other suppliers of NAD+ & NMN and have a more balanced view.

Here at BioTech Life Sciences, we don’t offer any tablets or pill-form NAD+ or NMN - it is purely powder-form to be taken sublingually.

Similar to Alive By Nature, we include no fillers or extras in our powder-form, but our serving size is higher by 67%.

We are 3rd party-tested and manufactured our NAD+ & NMN using high-performance liquid chromatography (HLPC) - a more efficient & accurate form of manufacturing of NAD+ & NMN.

As well as this, we pay extra to get our NAD+ & NMN biosynthesised rather than chemically synthesised and we also pay for additional purification.




There are many great NAD+ providers out there and we could have suggested additional brands who offer high-quality NAD+ & NMN, but we wanted to give people a range of options in terms of price & value-for-money.

With that said, when buying your NAD+ or NMN supplement, we recommend you focus on these key points:

  • 3rd Party Testing - if it isn’t 3rd party tested, then please be careful
  • Ingredients Included (Is there extra ingredients that you didn’t know you were paying for?)
  • Check Amazon Reviews - people who have tried it are your best answers to many of the questions you may have

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  • I follow David Sinclair recommendations and I am very happy with Biotech life science products for quality in product, for quality in service and response therefore I am a loyal customer.

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