5 T & B Cells - Contribute To T & B Cell Production To Support the Immune System

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Green Tea Extract - 500mg


We have included a High-Strength Green Tea that contains:

  • Green Tea Extract 500mg
    98% Polyphenols & 80% Catechins
  • EGCG 250mg

There is evidence to suggest that supplementing with green tea, or including it in your diet, can help aid weight management when combined with a calorie controlled diet and exercise.

Green tea contains flavonoids, which are natural phytochemicals.


Quercetin - 250mg


Quercetin is a plant pigment it is many plants and foods such as red wine, onions, green tea, apples and berries.

Benefits of Quercetin:

  • Has Anti-Oxidant Properties
  • Supports The Immune System
  • Binds & Neutralises Free Radicals


Rutin - 250mg


Rutin is a bioflavonoid related to quercetin and hesperidin found in both citrus and non-citrus fruits, as well as other foods such as buckwheat.

Rutin is a powerful combatant of free radicals and is best known for its role in vascular health.

Rutin helps to maintain the structural integrity of blood vessels, such as veins and capillaries.

Scientific studies suggest that it may help to support vascular function and promote healthy circulation.


Cats Claw - 250mg


Uncaria Tomentosa (Cats Claw) used by the Ashanika Indians for thousands of years and originates from the Amazon rain forest.

Benefits of Cats Claw:

  • Support normal immune system
  • Contains phytochemicals
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory

Special Bio+ Active Panax Korean Ginseng - 250mg
Ultra Pure with
80% Ginsenosides


Ginseng is a popular herbal remedy that grows in parts of Asia and northern America.

The roots of ginseng plants have been used as a herbal remedy for centuries in China, Korea and other Asian countries.

We use a very special Panax Korean Ginseng extract.
It is ultra high purity and provides 80% Ginsenosides.
99% of ginseng extracts are only 1-10% ginsenosides.

Traditionally, Ginseng has been used:

  • To Boost Energy
  • Improve Cognition Function
  • Reduce Blood Sugar
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Balance Cholesterol
  • Prevent Sexual Problems in Men

Nowadays, ginseng is most commonly used as a herb to beat tiredness and restore vitality.


Vitamin B5 - 200mg


Vitamin B5 - one of the most important vitamins for human life. It's necessary for making blood cells, and it helps you convert the food you eat into energy.


Special Bio+ Active Garlic Extract - 100mg
10% Allicin


Garlic Extract = 100mg

Allicin = 10,000µg

  • Garlic naturally contains potassium, phosphorus, B vitamins, vitamin C and many sulphur-containing compounds as well as amino acids


Vitamin B6 (P-5-P) - 100mg


  • Vitamin B6 - helps the body to use and store energy from protein and carbohydrates in food.
  • We use the same P-5-P form your body produces and uses.
  • This product is 100% free from synthetic pyridoxine, which has side effects.


Vitamin B9 - 400μg


  • Vitamin B9 -contributes to normal amino acid synthesis, blood formation and psychological function as well as supporting the immune system and playing a role in cell division.
  • We use the special L-Methylfolate-Calcium version, which is the most expensive but naturally used by the body.
  • 100% free from synthetic folic acid, which has unwanted side effects.
  • Upto 50% of the population have the MTHFR gene mutation and folic acid is dangerous for them.


Vitamin D3 - 1,000iu


Known as the "Sunshine Vitamin", Vitamin D is crucial for our survival and we have included a special Vegan Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol.

75% of the US population is deficient in Vitamin D.

It supports your whole body and is essential for:

  • Strong Bones
  • Muscular Function
  • Maintaining Immunity