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Stats About Wellness In The Workplace

70% of Employees Enrolled in Wellness Programs Have Reported Higher Job Satisfaction

56% of Employees Had Fewer Sick Days Because of Wellness Programs

73% of Companies Offer a Wellness Program

Why Choose BioTech Life Sciences?

100% Natural

We don't use unnecessary fillers or bulking agents to fill our products like other lower-end companies out there.

We always provide the most natural ingredients for our clients and use plant extracts wherever possible.

Vegan Products

We understand most consumers of health supplements want vegan-friendly supplements which we have catered to - right down to the vegan capsules we use.

Best Quality

The ingredients you see in our products will not be in in the majority of other supplements out there.

We were the 1st company in the UK to bring well-popularised anti-aging supplement, NMN, to the market and we have expanded our range.

Gets Results

The dosages we use and the combination of ingredients have been expertly crafted by our in-house researcher who sifts through thousands of research papers to make sure our health supplements are at the cutting-edge of nutraceutical technology.

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Health Areas We Target

Anti-Aging & Longevity

Brain - Cognitive, Focus, Memory

Energy - Reduction of Tiredness & Fatigue

Men's & Women's Health