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12 Best BioHackers To Learn From

What Is BioHacking?


BioHacking is defined as:

"Biological experimentation done to improve the qualities or capabilities of living organism especially by individuals and groups working outside a traditional medical or scientific research environment."

Or more simply:

"Such experimentation done on one's own body."

We quite like Dave Asprey's definition of BioHacking which puts it more succinctly:

"To change the environment outside of you and inside of you so you have full control of your biology, to allow you to upgrade your body, mind and life.

In this article, we're going to introduce you to some of the leading BioHackers and individuals who are opening areas of conversation about aging and longevity.


1.) Tim Gray


Tim is a well-known BioHacker who is the Founder of the Health Optimisation Summit which started back in 2019.

His definition of BioHacking is:

"Biohacking is the art & science of using Nature, Technology (to mimick the effects of nature) & self experimentation to optimise your health."

The summit is focused on 3 main categories:

  • Mind Optimisation - Flow States, Neurofeedback, Nootropics
  • Body Optimisation - Stem Cell Therapy, Heavy Metals, Longevity & Anti-Aging
  • Environment Optimisation - EMF, Cold Thermogenesis, Grounding

Tim has gathered some of the leading names (a couple are listed in this article) and gathered them in one room to talk about the latest break-throughs in health.



He also has a growing following on Instagram where he shares his lifestyle and tips on how to better optimise your life.

Tim's Instagram -

Health Optimisation Instagram - 


2.) Dave Asprey


Dave Asprey is regarded as the Founder of the BioHackers who runs a company that every biohacker will be familiar with called Bulletproof.

He also founded the popular beverage called Bulletproof Coffee which contains MCT oil, Grass Fed Butter and Coffee.

Dave as also released a number of books related to biohacking, health and longevity which you can find here:

Dave's Instagram -


3.) David Christopher Lee


David has a massive following on Instagram with over 300,000 followers who read his posts about biohacking.

He made a drastic transformation and dropped his body fat from 30% to 9% in 1 year and has been on a quest to optimise his health through biohacking.

You’ll find David discussing topics such as:

  • Red Light Therapy
  • Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

David's Instagram -

David's Website - 


4.) Davinia Taylor


Davinia Taylor is well-known for starring in the popular TV show, Hollyoaks, and has since made the transformation to a biohacker.

A mum of 4, Davinia leads a busy life and enjoys sharing her lifestyle with her followers where she talks about:

  • Supplements she is taking
  • Her transformation
  • How to make the right food choices in the super-market

Davinia's Instagram -


5.) Ben Greenfield


Ben Greenfield is in close contention with Dave Asprey as the go-to source for biohacking as he covers many areas in extreme detail.

He has authored a number of books that are popular with BioHackers and his most recent release, Boundless, has been regarded as the “Bible of BioHacking”.

Here are some of the books Ben has released:

Ben's Instagram -


6.) Nathalie Niddam


Nathalie Niddam is the admin of the popular BioHacking group on Facebook “BioHacking SuperHuman Performance: Peptides, Genetics, Nutrition”.

She is a Holistic Nutritionist, Epigenetic and Human Potential Coach who has spent the last 10 years researching and learning about human optimisation and is the Host of the growing and popular podcast - BioHacking SuperHuman Podcast.

Nathalie offers genomic testing, one-on-one personalised coaching and her latest passion is peptides.

Podcast - BioHacking Superhuman Performance

Instagram -

Website -


7.) Dr. Brad Stanfield


Dr. Brad Stanfield is a 28 year-old medical doctor in New Zealand who has recently started a popular Youtube channel which is growing quickly.

He created the channel to share the latest research and ideas around the booming world of anti-aging.

You'll find his channel field is stacked with in-depth research on supplements and the pros and cons of taking these supplements.

Youtube -

Twitter - 


8.) Dr. Rhonda Patrick


Dr. Rhonda Patrick has become a well-known expert after appearing on popular podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Show and also starting her own podcast, Found My Fitness.

She investigated the link between mitochondrial metabolism, apoptosis and cancer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Rhonda enjoys speaking about the role micronutrient deficiencies play in diseases of aging and the role of genetics in determining the effects of nutrients on a person’s health status.

Topics of interest:

  • Exercise
  • Fasting
  • Sauna / Heat Stress
  • Cold Exposure
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress Reduction
  • Sleep

Website -

Instagram -


9.) Dr. Peter Attia


Dr. Peter Attia is a General Surgery Specialist with over 19 years experience in the medical field - graduating from Stanford University Medical School in 2001.

Peter explores strategies and tactics to increase lifespan, healthspan, well-being and optimizing cognition.

Podcast - The Peter Attia Drive

Instagram -


10.) Bob Troia


Bob Troia is a NYC-based technology entrepreneur, biohacker and self-quantification geek who focuses on the data to optimise his health.

You’ll find Bob’s articles backed by hard data and everything is measured to precision with before and afters such as:

  • Sauna and Niacin Detox to Reduce Heavy Metals
  • EMF and Radiation in the Home
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Water Quality

Website -

Instagram -


11.) Nils Osmar


While Nils doesn’t call himself a “BioHacker”, members of the group he runs on Facebook, discuss the latest studies and share their current routines with many looking to increase their longevity.

It’s a great group to join if you’re looking to connect with like-minded people who share your enthusiasm for health.

Youtube Channel - 

Life Extension Group -

Website -


12.) BioHacking with Brittany


Brittany is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, runs her own podcast, works with clients one-on-one and is developing EMF-protecting underwear made by women for women.

She is very passionate about increasing awareness around female biohacking, so women can better optimize their health.

Brittany's favourite coffee is goat butter, mushroom powder, and collagen.

Instagram - 

Podcast - 

Website -


13.) Ben Angel


Ben Angel is a bestselling author and personal development expert Ben Angel set out on a 90-day mission to find and conquer the root of his rut.

The result of his journey is Unstoppable, a highly revealing book where Ben gives you a look into the world of nootropics, wearable devices, and nutrition and delivers a guide to help you reduce stress, increase focus, improve physical performance, and eliminate your fears.

Unstoppable - A 90-Day Plan to Biohack Your Mind and Body for Success

Youtube - 

Twitter - 


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