“My Energy Levels Felt Like The Energy Levels of a 10 Year Old…I’m 64!”


After hearing about NMN on Joe Rogan’s podcast from his guest David Sinclair, I thought I’d try supplementing with NMN as my energy levels had taken a sharp decline in the last 10 years.


The package came in a gold packet with a separate packet for the NMN (ordered 10g to start off with) and after reading the booklet provided, I decided to supplement with half the recommended daily dosage to being with.


Within a few hours, I noticed a slight uplift in my mood and energy levels that I thought may have been from my coffee, but it was a different energy boost that I get from my usual cup of coffee.


This energy lift lasted for the rest of the day and after the 2nd day, I was noticing a huge difference in my workouts in the gym.


I was lifting more, able to run further without getting out of breath and feeling just more optimistic in my mood.


Will stick with the dosage of 500mg as I feel really good from that but I have just subscribed to the subscriber program so I get 10g delivered every month!


- Katie Turkle



“Wow, chronic fatigue gone and hair has started turning from grey to black in certain areas after 2 months!!!”


I was very sceptical after seeing a lot of hype around NAD+ & NMN.


I had seen many people experiencing some pretty drastic changes from using it for just 1 month and thought it was just another gimmick from the health industry.


Well, I jumped into the deep end and bought 20g of NAD+ and 10g of NMN to trial for me and my husband and here’s the difference we felt:


  • More energy (both struggled with fatigue)
  • My hair started turning from grey to black (husband is bald lol!)
  • Mood lifted and we both felt more mentally resilient to life’s daily challenges
  • Workouts felt lighter and just flowed better with recovery taking less time too
  • Hunger decreased and felt like (and did) we didn’t need to eat as much as we usually do which meant a few pounds lost for both of us


Just like my daily vitamin d I have been taking for most of my life, I will be using either NAD or NMN as a daily supplement.


- Jenny Fisher



“Is this what it feels like to be young again…?”


I am classified as a pensioner and sure do feel like one as the usual wear and tear has taken its toll on my body playing sport the majority of my life.


A friend had mentioned that there was this new supplement that a Harvard researcher had been declaring as a “fountain of youth pill” and I see myself as an open-minded person, so I decided to spend a few late nights researching.


I prefer to look at the scientific literature from medical journals rather than anecdotes from people as I have found them to be unreliable on a few occasions.


After reading nearly every study available on NAD+, I felt like this was a supplement that had some strong science behind it and was not just a fad.


I bought the NMN 20g package and decided to take 1,000mg NMN after reading David Sinclair’s book, Life Span with some yoghurt in the morning.


The first 2 week’s I didn’t feel much of a difference and it was only after taking NMN for roughly 30 day’s that I felt noticeable difference in my cognition & physical well-being.


My energy certainly increased but the main effects were in my cognitive abilities where I was able to read quicker during my nightly read.


It’s been 6 months’ since I started taking NMN and I’ve reached a baseline level that I am happy with where I vary my dosage from 250mg NMN to 1g NMN a day.


- Bob Wilson