High-Purity Omega-3 Soft-Gels - From Peruvian Anchovies

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There are many Omega-3 supplements to choose from in the market and it can be overwhelming deciding which one is right for you.

When picking an Omega-3 supplement, your main priority should be on the quality and where the source of the Omega-3 has come from.

Which is why we decided to create the Highest-Purity Form of Omega-3 available.

We have sourced ours from Peruvian Anchovies for two main reasons:

  1. Lesser Impact on the Environment + More Sustainable
  2. Higher-Purity & Quality

Our oceans have been over-fished and the marine wildlife has taken a huge decline - particularly marine life such as cod, salmon & tuna.

Anchovies are more sustainable for our environment compared to other wildlife such as salmon and they also have an extra benefit...




Our Omega-3 Formula is Free from Mercury and Cadmium.

We have specially screened all batches for Heavy Metals & PCBs.

Due to the shorter life-span compared to other marine wild-life, anchovies accumulate less heavy metals in their systems compared to fish such as tuna. 

The average life of an anchovy is 5 years compared to Tuna which can live for 15-30 years.  

Studies have shown the negative impact of mercury on our bodies and the wildlife of many fish contain high amounts of mercury.

Anchovies typically have a lower amount of mercury compared to other wildlife.

A large proportion of the anchovies used in our supplements are turned in to oil on-site to avoid any drop in quality. 



Unfortunately, as you've probably noticed, many of the companies selling Omega-3 supplements are marketing their products as "high-strength", but requires taking 3 or 4 pills to achieve the strength stated. 

We recommend 2 pills, but many of our customers only require 1 pill to get the desired results they are looking for. 

Just 2 soft gels contain:

  • EPA 660mg
  • DHA 4,400mg

Many Companies Are Selling Either High-Strength, But Poor Quality or Low-Strength with Low-Quality. We Offer Both High-Strength Combined Synergistically With High-Purity.



Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) forms Brain Cells & Neurons aka "grey matter" and contributes to the maintenance of normal vision and brain function.

The combination of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart.


Other Brands May Be Cheaper But They Will Be Cheap On Quality Too.

By Taking Ours, You Will Get Longer-Lasting Results = More Cost-Effective in Long-Term + More Benefits in Short-Term