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1 Servings = 3 Capsules

Total Servings = 30

90 Vegan Capsules


The ingredients in this formula have been chosen by our in-house researcher for their memory supporting properties.

HFMA Approved


We are a member of the Health Foods and Manufacturer's Association (HFMA) which is an authoritative voice of the natural health industry which requires us to undergo extensive approval from a 3rd party regulator.

Vegan & Non-GMO

This product is Vegan and has Zero GMOs.

Lions Mane Mushroom - 250mg


Lion's Mane - 250mg

providing 30% Polysaccharides - 75mg

Lions Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) contains bioactive substances that have a beneficial effect on the body.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract - 250mg


Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract - 250mg

25% Flavone Glycosides

Ginkgo Biloba is native to China and has been used for centuries for its mental benefits as it contains high levels of phytochemicals such as terpenoids and flavonoids.

It has been shown to contribute to normal blood circulation around the body and support brain performance, mental focus, memory and reactivity.

Bacopa Monnieri - 250mg


Bacopa Monnieri Leaf Extract - 250mg

providing Bacosides - 125mg

The use of Bacopa monnieri originates in Ayurveda, where it was traditionally taken with ghee.

This was a popular herb used for a variety of purposes.


Cats Claw Extract - 250mg


Cats Claw Extract - 250mg

Cats Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa) used by the Ashanika Indians for thousands of years originates from the Amazon rain forest is a thick woody vine.


Ashwagandha - 200mg


Ashwaghanda - 200mg

Ashwaghanda (Withania somnifera) is a staple herb used in Ayurveda, also known as Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry.

It is organically grown in India and is only extracted from the Ashwaghanda root, never the leaves. The reason for this is that the root is the primary part of the plant used in Ayurveda.


Boswellia Serrata Extract - 200mg


Boswellia Serrata Extract = 200mg

providing Boswellic Acids = 130mg

Also known as Indian Frankincense, providing 130mg of Boswellic Acids.

Legislation prohibits us from talking about herbs and their applications, however, there is a wealth of information available online about the uses of these over many years.


Panax Korean Ginseng - 200mg


Panax Korean Ginseng - 200mg

providing Ginsenosides - 160mg

Panax Korean Ginseng contain ginsenosides which are the most potent active ingredients that contribute to physical and mental well-being.

  • Supports and contributes to the body's natural defences and the immune system
  • Support energetic alertness

Grape Fruit Extract - 200mg


Grape Seed Extract = 250mg

providing Naringin Flavonoid = 196mg