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Joint Support For Pets - Pure NMN & NAD+ Supplement

Compared to humans, animals age very quickly which is only worsened by modern-day living - they deteriorate quickly.

They go from the youthful puppies they once were to barely being able to do the regular daily walk that they enjoyed so much as a puppy.

It is therefore important that you act quickly to help prevent your dog or cat from rapidly declining health.

NAD+ & NMN is in all the living cells of your dog or cat and it has been shown to be hugely beneficial in mice & humans and it’s no different with domesticated animals such as cats and dogs.

With NAD+ helping increase mitochondria levels (energy cells), animals are able to restore the energy they once had again and turn their food into energy more efficiently helping with their weight management.

Aside from the physical benefits that NAD+ / NMN supplementation helps with, it also helps improve your dog or cat’s fur with studies showing in mice a rapid regrowth in hair. 


Customer Testimonials:

"My 10-year-old terrier had started slowing up gradually and wasn't able to do his daily walks and there was a noticeable decrease in his energy levels.

I had been reading into NAD+ & NMN for some time after reading the scientific studies behind it and was amazed at the transformations it was having in humans and animals. 

I decided to buy NMN 10g package and start my terrier on 50mg a day and after just 2 weeks he had a noticeable increase in energy levels and he seemed to be running a lot more on our daily walks." - Julie Shrever


"I have 2 cats, they're both 14 years old and are experiencing joint pain that I can tell is causing them pain which is terrible for me to see!

I had heard of NAD+ & NMN from a friend who had been using it to treat her elderly dog and really liked the research behind it.

I bought a pack of NAD+ & NMN and started my cats on 50mg every other day and saw that they were both moving more fluidly in their stride. 

They've never been fans of exercise but I did notice that they were playing with each other more often." - Tom Oakley 


Just like humans, our pet’s have diets which lack vital nutrients such as fatty acids and this can lead to your body not being able to keep up with their cells dependence on NAD+ to function properly.

Your pet’s skeletal muscles are in constant demand for energy and the fatty acids they use (just like humans), are broken down from the foods they eat which become active forms of NAD+.

This is only exacerbated as both us and animals get older. 

Muscles require NAD+ for their development, regeneration and immune function which is why muscle & joint pain is common amongst older people and animals.


Many animals will be unable to exercise because of their old age and therefore be more susceptible to weight gain.

This can be hard for them to shift if your dog or cat refuses to exercise.

Researchers from the University of Texas found that low levels of NAD+ increased the number of fat cells.

With NAD+ / NMN supplementation, your inactive pet will be given the much-needed boost to help them shift their excess weight.



Mitochondrial dysfunction (decrease in energy levels) and digestive issues are a hallmark sign of aging in animals which you may have noticed in your pet already.

Studies are showing that restoration of NAD+ levels could reverse many of the problems that arise from skeletal muscle aging. 

NMN has been shown to increase circulating NAD+ levels in mice eating supplemented food forms of NMN. 

Other anti-aging benefits include:

    • Fight Free Radicals
    • Support Natural Healing
    • Extending Cellular Life Span
    • Effective For Stem Cell Health 
    • Preserving a Sharp Mind In Old Age
    • Increase Circulation In Blood Vessels
    • Countering Age-Related Metabolic Decline
    • Maintaining Cellular Levels At Youthful Levels


  • Boosts Energy & Playfulness 
  • Support Heart HealthEnhance Metabolism
  • Improves Cognition
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Increased Strength
  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Higher Energy Levels 
  • Eye Health + Heart Health & Hearing
  • Decreased Hunger + Boosts Metabolism
  • Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Response
  • More Stamina (If you work out, you can really feel the difference)
  • Helps Restore Hair Colour by re-activating Stem Cells for pigment (melanocytes)


                    How We Manufacture Our NAD+ & NMN

                    We want to provide you with the safest & highest-quality NMN & NAD+ purity available – which is 3rd party tested.

                    *We pay additional fees to make our NMN through BioSynthesis, not chemical synthesis, as well as an additional purification step which means we have less water content in our product.

                    Our supplements can be taken in full confidence knowing you are getting the highest-purity (<99%) form of NMN & NAD+.

                    We manufacture our product in powder form to be taken sublingual (under the tongue) as it has a higher bioavailability compared to NMN capsules which is 10x more effective than NMN capsules.


                    Which Ingredients Are Used?

                    We have a dedicated team of pharmacologists, chemists & research scientists working to source the finest and most beneficial & purest NAD+ NMN allowing us to provide advanced, high strength which contains no artificial colours or flavours, GMO free and free from allergens such as Gluten, Wheat, Lactose and nuts – just pure NMN / NAD+.

                    How Much Should Your Pet Take?

                    1 scoop 250mg Contains

                    Serving 3-5kg 1/16 scoop 15mg

                    5-10kg 1/8 scoop 30mg

                    11-20kg 1/4 scoop 60mg

                    20-40kg 1/2 scoop 125mg

                    40+kg 200mg 3/4 scoop (Humans 250-500mg)

                    1-2 x per day Contents: 10,000mg

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