MenoSupport 2 - Help Manage the Symptoms of Menopause

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Green Tea EGCG 1120


Green Tea's anti-inflammatory properties can be helpful in women going through the menopause.


Benefits of Green Tea:

  • May help to maintain women health
  • May help to protect breast and ovaries
  • May help decrease bone fractures which is common in menopausal women

Rosa Centifolia Petals


Helps to lower symptoms related to menopause and after hysterectomy.



May help women cope with the teltale signs associated with menopause such as hot flushes, sweating, restlessness and irritablity




Ginkgo biloba has been found to contain phytoestrogens (similar to red clover).

Benefits of Ginkgo:

  • May contribute to raising estrogen levels
  • May naturally improve hormonal imbalances
  • May contribute to improvement of PMS symptoms


Evening Primrose Oil


Evening Primrose Oil may help manage menopausal symptoms.

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil:

  • May help alleviate hot flashes


Panax Ginseng


Panax Ginseng is commonly used for womens health.

Benefits of Panax Ginseng:

  • May contribute to reduction of severity with hot flashes
  • May contribute to reduction of night sweats


Rye Pollen        


Rye Pollen Extract comes from the pollen of rye grass.

Benefits of Rye Pollen:

  • May contribute to alleviation of hot flushes
  • May contribute to reduction of night sweats




Shilajit is produced from the slow decomposing of plants over centuries.

Benefits of Shilajit:

  • May help maintain balance and comfort of the menstrual cycle

  • May contribute to increasing of bone strength


Vitamin C


Vitamin C is known for its immune-boosting benefits, but it is also commonly used for womens health.

Benefits of Vitamin C:

  • May help relieve hot flashes
  • May help alleviate insomnia


Vitamin E


Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps fight free radicals.

Many people are using Vitamin E for menopausal symptoms.

Benefits of Vitamin E:

  • May help alleviate hot flushes
  • May contribute to alleviation of decreased libido


Vitamin B5 & B6


Vitamin B5 & B6 are 2 vitamins you need in small amounts which are used in the menopause by women.

Benefits of Vitamin B5 & B6:

  • B5 may contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system
  • B6 may contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism




Zinc is important to have when going through the menopause as our bodies rely on zinc for balancing our hormones.

Benefits of Zinc:

  • Contributes to normal fertility & reproduction
  • Contributes to the normal maintenance of normal hair, nails & skin
  • May support thyroid health




Magnesium deficiency is common in the majority of the population and plays a crucial role at all stages of life.

It is also the 4th most abundant mineral in the body.

Benefits of Magnesium:

  • May contribute to strengthening of bones
  • May help support the symptoms of PMS
  • May contribute to reduction of hot flashes


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