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TheraDermis and Energize

Amazing product. Never experienced such phenomenal results that last.


Excellent product - Very easy to take under the tongue daily - great boost to the body and mind, especially in these challenging times which provoke lethargy. Get it - you will wonder how you did without it.

Buy NMN & NAD+ Supplement Powder - Pharmaceutical Grade 99.78% Purity

I have been taking this product for a couple of months now and definitely feel more energy and improved mood. It seems a very good quality and high grade. Highly recommend to try if you are looking to improve your overall health and also looking to increase anti-aging benefits. Also, customer service is superb.

Buy NMN & NAD+ Supplement Powder - Pharmaceutical Grade 99.78% Purity

Life altering in best ways

I’m first and foremost a type 1 diabetic and constantly worried about what’s going on inside of me that I can’t see. Energise-x has changed my daily habits so much so that everyone is noticing in a good way. My energy levels are consistent. My brain is more cognizant. My appetite is never out of control. My skin and a body look significantly better, too, in that I’m more toned and youthful. Hope this helps

NMN works

Read David Sinclair’s book and searched for best NMN supplier. Finally decided on BTL. Have been using it now for over 12 months and feeling much more energized and healthier. Great supplier with superb customer service.


This is my second purchase, I have notice that my energy level slightly up and I haven't got any sore throat this winter at all!!
The service has been great, fast delivery, exclusive packaging.

Healthy Longevity

I have done a lot of research and believe this company has some of the best anti-aging/healthy longevity products available on the market. They even taste good!

Buy NMN & NAD+ Supplement Powder - Pharmaceutical Grade 99.78% Purity

I love it

I feel it in my system first thing in the morning, so I know it’s working!

Buy NMN & NAD+ Supplement Powder - Pharmaceutical Grade 99.78% Purity

Energise- X Max

I have been trying this product in recent months, as a long term sufferer of ME/CFS who is always desperately seeking more energy!
I would say that, to date, the product has offered me a 10% increase in my energy levels and I hoping it continues to benefit me in the longer term.


Delivery - always good - even better than
Packaging etc - very nicely done. Booklets very helpful for learning
Efficacy - the content profiles seem very good. I shall wait to see long term health benefits. So when my supply runs out I shall renew it.

5 Stars

I’ve noticed substantial positive mental and physical effects from this stuff and I definitely don’t attribute it to a placebo effect.


I began taking Energise after a friend recommended it to me. I was sceptical and firmly of the belief "if it sounds to good to be true, it is" The shock I had after only a few days (hours really) of taking Energise. I felt invigorated, and energetic. I was able to achieve much more than normal, both physically and mentally. It has added bonuses too. My skin tags, which I have suffered from most of my adult life began to shrink. The two on my face noticeably. I slept better too.

Phenomenal product

Exceptional quality. Worth every penny. Researched before buying. Great company. 6 Stars :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

nmn from btl

best quality on the market!

Excellent product

This is my second time buying the NMN and NAD+ from this company, I can only say I am delighted that the product got even more improved and the price is much cheaper. I have recommended few friends and all of them are very satisfied. I will continue buying from this seller.

First time taking NMN

Easy to take and great taste.

This stuff works

I have now tried the combination and a D+ along with and MN and have noticed weight loss better cognition. The su useful weight loss occurs if one is restricting eating and I found my exercise tolerance has increased. I also less cold. My view is you will loose Nothing by trying this for a month. It may provide substantial benefits for you as it has done for me.

High quality NMN for a competitive price

After reading David Sinclair's book "Lifespan" I started my research to find good & trustworthy NMN suppliers for Europe (Germany). It's very important that the product quality is high and the product itself is clean. Most recommendations I found online were only available in US and wouldn't ship to Germany due to customs.
BioTech Life Sciences satisfy my needs: the product is clean & high quality, the price is fair and they ship to Germany.

Ultrapure NMN

Great service with a great product. Easy to take with a nice flavour. Energy levels and strength have increased. Unexpected but welcome effect is that my hair has become noticeably darker.