Gehirn & IQ, NeuroMem - Geschenkpackung mit 6 Stück

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Who Is This For


People looking to get the complete collection from our Neuro Range which includes:

  • NeuroMem 1
  • NeuroMem 2
  • NeuroMem 3
  • NeuroMem 4
  • NeuroMem 5
  • NeuroMem 6


The ingredients in this formula have been chosen by our in-house researcher for their Neurological supporting properties.

HFMA Approved


We are a member of the Health Foods and Manufacturer's Association (HFMA) which is an authoritative voice of the natural health industry which requires us to undergo extensive approval from a 3rd party regulator.

Vegan & Non-GMO

This product is Vegan and has Zero GMOs.

Customer Testimonial's

"I began taking Energise after a friend recommended it to me. I was sceptical and firmly of the belief "if it sounds to good to be true, it is" The shock I had after only a few days (hours really) of taking Energise. I felt invigorated, and energetic. I was able to achieve much more than normal, both physically and mentally. It has added bonuses too. My skin tags, which I have suffered from most of my adult life began to shrink. The two on my face noticeably. I slept better too." - Simon Clark