Lifestyle Choices Can Affect Your DNA And Health

Besides stress or lack of sleep, there are several factors which affect your overall health and DNA. 

Let me be clear: inside our cells the DNA is made up by strands of chromosomes.


The chromosomes are protected by telomeres. They are crucial to our health and longevity. 

If damaged, our physical and mental health can both suffer.

What can damage telomeres?

Simple! Poor lifestyle choices, such as lack of sleep and a bad diet, and stress ( it seems this is true for those who suffer from anxiety).

Obesity may also play a role in telomere damage.

However, here's the good news!

A research which has been published in the Journals of Gerontology stated that telemores can positively react to healthy lifestyle choices.

These choices refer to healthy diet, healthy weight, regular exercise and find ways to manage stress.

For example, the Mediterranean diet has been positively associated with preventing age-associated telomere shortening and it can reduce mortality risk in older people.

So, start now!

Eat healthy, get on move (and make it a habit), drink plenty of water, and therefore, keep changing gradually!



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