Exercise in a pill? NMN effects on high-fat diets

NMN increases NAD+ levels, acting as an exercise mimetic

Working out has beneficial impacts on the metabolic outcomes of obesity.

Exercise improves metabolism, mitochondrial activity, and increases the NAD+ levels in the body.

In this study, it is suggested that NMN, a precursor of NAD+, increases NAD+ levels, acting as an exercise mimetic.

Experts compared the effects of exercise and NMN on the metabolic consequences of high-fat diet induced obesity.

Experiments were conducted on 60 female mice aged 5 weeks old.

NMN was injected every day for17 days. The results show that there was a significant increase in glucose tolerance compared to the ones who did not have the NMN injection. Furthermore, mitochondrial copy number increased by NMN supplementation and not by exercise.

A combination of exercise and the NMN injection, improved glucose tolerance through different mechanisms involving mitochondria in mice suffering from obesity.

NMN also appeared to have a greater effect on liver fat catabolism and synthesis compared with exercise.

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This study encourages further research to confirm NMN’s suitability in reversing metabolic dysfunction linked to obesity.


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